SBS 6613

Side by side hűtő


Űrtartalom: 377/68/123

BioFresh-el !

LED világítás



1. Model classification:

2. 4  freezer compartment with -18 °C or colder

3. Climate Ratings: SN to +10°C to +32°C N +16°C to +32°C ST +16°C to +38°C T +16°C to +43°C

4. Fixed water connection and solenoid valve (needs to be plumbed in)

5. To achieve the indicated energy consumption level, the wall spacers provided with the appliance must be used. These increase the appliance depth by approximately 3.5 cm.  If the wall spacers are not used, the appliance will remain fully functional, but will have a slightly higher energy consumption level.

Ára: 1.149.990.-  Kedvezményes ára: 1.089.900.-